Overview AIBL Data Systems

AIBL’s data systems consist of a collection of different systems that work together to acquire, integrate and publish research data for analysis by the Research Team.

  • Data acquisition is supported by an OpenClinica installation.
  • Data integration is performed with a combination of bespoke, in-house tools and data warehousing deployments.
  • Publication of data assets such as the Integrated Data Set (IDS).

Access to data

Grant submissions

It is recommended that grant submissions dependent on access to non publicly available AIBL data, be discussed with members of the AIBL research team before submission. Letters of support can be provided (with sufficient notice).

Members of the AIBL Research Team

Research Team members click here for access to the wiki & IDS*

* CSIRO Partner Account required for access. See below for more information.

Members of the Research Team should email their local Study Manager, CC’ing the Data Team (, to request approval. When the request is approved by a Study Manager the Data Team will create the CSIRO Partner Account and provide account and data access details in an introductory email. Subsequent assistance and/or queries about AIBL Data Systems (including requests to extend CSIRO Partner Accounts or reset passwords) should be sent directly to the Data Team via email.

ADNI Researchers

AIBL has agreed to supply a subset of data to ADNI researchers under a collaboration agreement.

ADNI researchers click here for access to the AIBL subset.

Other Researchers

Access to AIBL data by researchers who are not members of the Research Team requires AIBL management committee approval and is subject to a rigorous Expression of Interest (EoI) process. The first step in gaining access to AIBL data is to download and complete the AIBL EOI Form, which contains submission details.

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