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  • AIBL participant information day 2019. Audio recording.

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  • Dr Alan Rembach, study manager for AIBL’s Melbourne site, interviewed on ABC radio’s PM program on recent advances in blood-based biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease.
  • AIBL researchers, along with other researchers who analysed AIBL data, will be attending and presenting at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC 2014) in Washington, DC during July 2014:
    • Brain beta-amyloid, Vascular Factors and Cognition: 54-month followup results from the AIBL Study – Dr Paul Yates
    • Higher Aß burden in healthy ApoE-e4 carriers is associated with subjective memory complaints: Results from the flutemetamol and PiB AIBL cohorts. – Prof Chris Rowe
    • Novel Statistically-Derived Composite Measures for Assessing the Efficacy of Disease-Modifying Therapies in Prodromal AD Trials: An AIBL Study – Dr Samantha Burnham
    • APOE genotype-dependent effects of diet and physical activity on cognition and Alzheimer’s-related pathology: Data from the AIBL Study of Ageing – Dr Stephanie Rainey-Smith
    • Predicting Alzheimer’s disease from a blood-based biomarker profile: Results from AIBL at 54 Months – Dr Samantha Burnham
    • Genetic variation within genes of the sphingolipid metabolism pathway and their association with Alzheimer’s disease risk and related phenotypes – Assoc Prof Simon Laws
    • Genetic analysis of the steroidogenesis pathway: Associations with Alzheimer’s disease risk and related phenotypes – Ms Tenielle Porter
    • Novel candidate blood proteome markers of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) brain amyloid burden: a multiplex TMT-LC/MS-MS discovery approach. – Dr Chantal Bazenet
    • Elevated blood HDL and HDL-associated lipoproteins in healthy controls who rapidly convert to Alzheimer’s disease in the AIBL cohort. – Dr Chris Fowler
    • No gender differences in rates of conversion from cognitively healthy to MCI or AD over 18 months: Data from the AIBL cohort. – Dr Jo Robertson
    • Longitudinal cognitive decline in the AIBL cohort: the role of APOE e4 status – Dr Jonathan Foster
    • Retinal amyloid fluorescence imaging predicts cerebral amyloid burden and Alzheimer’s disease – Mr Shaun Frost
    • Comparison of Three Normative Data Correction Approaches: A Cross Sectional Evaluation in the AIBL Study – Dr Samantha Burnham

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  • AIBL research leader Professor Chris Rowe interviewed for ABC Radio National’s Background Briefing program Dementia: into the daylight.
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