Research & Standardisation in Alzheimer’s Disease Conference (RASAD 2012)


27-29 March 2012

Melbourne Brain Centre

University of Melbourne
Cnr Genetics Lane & Royal Parade
Parkville, Victoria

In 2011, we have seen the emergence of consensus positions on diagnosis of AD based on clinical assessment, psychometric testing, CSF-based biomarkers (the “AD signature”), MRI-volumetrics and molecular imaging of Aβ amyloid by PET techniques. The time is now ripe for a global effort to seek harmonization, standardisation and validation of these various diagnostic and prognostic parameters.

The objective of the 2012 Research & Standardisation in Alzheimer’s Disease Conference (RASAD 2012) is to bring together a selected group of key researchers, clinicians, industry, regulatory and government leaders in Alzheimer’s disease to generate consensus on standardisation and validation for clinical practice of psychometrics, imaging, biomarkers and lifestyle parameters used in multiple centres around the world.

Sessions will focus on Neuroimaging, Biomarkers, Psychometrics, Lifestyle and Future Directions.


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